Pixel Art graphic production office





We will produce pixel graphics necessary for game development
Character, monster, avatar, animation etc
Please contact us in case of consideration

NEW ARRIVAL  2018.1.7

We are accepting dot production for game production

I am accepting graphic production regardless of individuals or corporations


Price List USD

It will be a list of price of pixel Art graphics

Create a character 96×96pixel  $480
Create animation 1 motion  $240
Create a large monster 256×256pixel  $1600
Create a large monster animation 1 motion  $480
Create a Avatar 128×128pixel  $600
※Only when there is a design picture
If there is no design picture there will be a separate fee
Character Design  $2000
Please contact us whenever you have questions



Character and monster




Kazuhiro Tashima

Designer from Kagoshima prefecture
Learn graphic design, illustrations to major in a vocational school


Work experience

Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
Gust , Inc.
Yoyogi Animation College

Title of the work

Spectral Souls
Spectral Souls 2
Generation of Chaos 4
Cardinal arc
Arutonelico 2
Other card game application works
Novell game
Nice to meet you
I am good at game graphics and illustration production